The Yoga Room opened in 2012 when Shauna finished her yoga teacher training and decided owning a yoga studio would be easy to manage in addition to her public teaching career in physical education. Although, in hindsight, the thought was laughable at best, it lead to where we are today. Shauna quickly realized business ownership is no easy task and was lucky to find a part-time teaching position so that she could manage both careers. The goal was to have the yoga studio up and running when she could retire from public education.

Shauna retired from public education, and The Yoga Room is not only up and running, but thriving. When the studio opened Shauna was the only teacher. One of her students from day one was her friend Ginger Tanem. Ginger has been a faithful supporter and became the second teacher on staff when The Yoga Room experienced its first expansion. Ginger is now second in command!

Today, The Yoga Room has 5 teachers on staff and our classes are specialized. Previously, we offered somewhat general classes and attempted to teach what the people in the room asked for at the time. We have grown to the point that it is necessary to change that practice. When you sign up for a class, please look at the class description to make sure you get what you are looking for.

We are so excited about our teacher team, our new classes, and the number of offerings on our schedule. We are growing and it is a beautiful thing. We cannot wait to see you in a class soon!



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